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Pope Joan was born in Italy but already speaks a global language: that of slow fashion and conscious fashion. She does it seriously, all the way. She does it through recovery, upcycling and the Italian tailoring tradition.

Our VISSION (MISSION + VISION) is to offer an alternative to consumerism at the basis of the fashion industry: the dress becomes an extension of the personality, not an object to be used and thrown away after a season.

Pope Joan is the online vintage store that creates its own collections by taking vintage clothing and creating upcycling collections. Vintage clothes are selected from the best suppliers in Europe, washed and disinfected. The garments are hand-sewn in Italy. All processes have a very low environmental impact.

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Pope Joan is not: seasonality, genre, label, fast fashion. When you enter our shop do not expect to see the collections divided between men and women. Our dresses have no season. You won't find must-haves with us. You decide what to love and wear. We focus on personality.

in our selections there is never a shortage of vintage nike sweatshirts, vintage adidas, levi's and other brands that have made history and still do. A tribute to these iconic brands and an invitation to rethink their productions in a truly sustainable way.

Pope Joan is above all community, because it gives voice to everyone's desire to feel free to express themselves through their own image and body. It wants to be a diary of change, a photo album of transformation.

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