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PHILADELPHIA - Black adidas sweatshirt + American football shirt

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Color: Verde - Nero
Verde - Nero
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A sweatshirt that comes from the studio of Marco, our Fashion Designer, on two vintage dresses: an American football shirt by DeSean Jackson of the Philadelphia Eagle; a black adidas sweatshirt with red front logo.

The result is crazy: a garment that fits perfectly. If you are looking for the best American oversized sweatshirts you will not be indifferent. The black of the sweatshirt dances together with the petrol green of the Philadelphia Eagle jersey, and the result is a perfect melody.

Pope Joan is the slow fashion brand: we find the most sought after American vintage clothing kept in excellent condition. We wash it, disinfect it and then it becomes the starting point for the creation of our collections of unique pieces.

Marco, our Art Director, designs these exceptional vintage garments; our seamstresses then make them by hand. Fabio, our Art Director, designs the graphics, rich in meanings and never banal. The Pope Joan style was born from this process, a slow fashion upcycling brand that loves to be outside the rules of the fashion industry.

For him or for her? In Pope Joan there are no labels. For all those who love freedom of expression. The sweatshirt has a soft fit. As this is a unique piece, we recommend that you consult the size chart below.

Model: h 1.70, size S

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